Another year of discovery, investigations, questions, answers and more questions….

I hope this year’s science classes will be exciting and challenging for all students.


Topics which will be covered this term are;


P/1 – The Weather

We will be looking at the different types of weather and seasons and the effects it has on both us and the environment. Activities and investigations will include; making rainbows and the importance of rain or our environment and for ourselves.


2 and 3/4 – Flight and Motion

We will be looking at how different objects fly and making our own flying objects. We will investigate how, by altering the design or flight conditions of an object we can improve its flight. We will be making predictions and comparing and recording results.


4/5/6 – Space; The Final Frontier

This will be a collaborative investigation where students will be working with a partner to research, prepare and present a presentation on a space topic of their choice. Some topics already chosen by students include; asteroids, Jupiter, comets and black holes. We will also be investigating, as a class, topics which include; meteor burnout, constellations and astronomical units. An incursion is being arranged to complement this unit later in the term. More information later.  (May I also recommend the NASA website which has a lot of interesting background information, video clips and student activities. It may also help students locate information for their research. We will be referring to this website in class.)


Please come and see me if you have any questions or comments on these topics. I would be most happy to speak with you. (Thursdays or Fridays).


Also needed

I would appreciate the following items for the science room. Please send them to school with your child or leave in the science room.

Small empty plastic drink bottles,         margarine containers



Patricia Mellusco

(science teacher)







Are you a scientist, or an engineer? Would you like to become our school’s adopted scientist?

Would you enjoy inspiring our teachers and students in science?


Our school is currently registered for Scientists in Schools, and we’re looking for a scientist who is interested in working with our staff and students – it would be great to have someone from our local community.


SiS is an Australian Government initiative, managed by CSIRO Education and designed to bring together scientists and teachers with the aim of enhancing science education in our schools. The style of partnership varies from hands-on activities in the classroom to long distance relationships using computer technology. In each case, students are engaged and motivated in their learning of current, contemporary science and develop an increased awareness of the types and variety of exciting careers available. 


There are currently almost 1500 partnerships across Australia and each one is different. SiS use a broad definition of 'scientist' that includes professionals working in a science or engineering-related area from research or applied scientists, technologists and engineers, to medical and allied health professionals and mathematicians.


There are no fixed hours – it’s up to you and the teacher to decide how you can contribute.


To register or find out more information visit or contact the Victorian Scientists in Schools Project Officer on 03 9252 6502 or